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Help Translating MRI Report

Could someone please help me understand what my brain MRI report says? I was being scanned due to binocular horizontal diplopia that has currently lasted 24 months, with a previous incidence in 2007 that only lasted two weeks. Quote from report:

"Asymmetry of T2 signal adjacent to left occipital horn related to the ependymal apposition"

I pretty much just understand the word "to" in that sentence, any help translating is appreciated!
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I was diagnosed with ms in march, I would like to under stand my mri results a it says I have a multifocal areas of T2 signal hyperintensity in the periventricular distribution. and a small cyst of the pineal gland measuring approximately 7.4 mm. and T2 signal hyperintensity in the cerebral  white matter. and T10-11.
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