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How much is too much

About 3 years ago I was involved in  a near fatal car accident because of the accident I recevied multiple x-rays and I have had 4 CT scans 2 full body with contrast and 2 without, a bone scan of the bony pelvis and an MRI with galium. All of this with the expection of the MRI was perfromed within a 1 year period which would now be 2 years ago.  Another CT scan was about to be ordered when the chief of radiology said I should use alternative means due to the amount of radiation I had been exposed to as it is accumulative.  My question is just how much have I had.  I not that worried because most of it was done to save my life.  The alternative would have been the end of me however, I am wondering how much is too much and is there anything I can do to change what has been done or is my DNA ruined forever.
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Sorry you had to go through all that. All these imaging studies are performed with risk/benefit in mind...you needed that to figure out what was going on and to save your life. As for exactly how much, that is hard to figure out because it is dependent on what kind of scanner was used and how they scanned, but plenty of people have had those kind of scans over time. As for what can be done about it now, your body naturally repairs damaged DNA. There is nothing we can do about it as doctors to help or repair it, unfortunately. Best thing from now on out is to bring up your history if other imaging opportunities come up. Try to steer clear of CT in favor of MRI and US (modalities that don't use radiation). But even so, sometimes CT will still be the better study. Just keep a dialogue open with your doctor and radiologists.
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DR Wang thank you so much for your time!
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