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Layers of bone from pelvis are in patients abdomen

The pieces up under the breast in the ct image can literally be cut and pasted perfectly back in place where they have splintered off the iliac wings and the pelvic rim and inlet as well as the “C” shaped harder to see pieces that splintered off the pelvis from around the ball of the hip replacements on both sides

Take a few minutes and look using contrast and brightness and sharpening and it’s unbelievable so nobody is taking me serious here

I have 26 discs over the years and the bones break off more and pile up more in the abdomen

What the heck please help tell me who to talk to

I worry the patient will pass away an any moment

She has pain severely
She has a feeling like pelvis will collapse
She feels lump type swelling in different areas she says she can move around with her fingers
And says she feels like he stomach can’t expand if she pushes and her abs have felt rock hard for years

All of this is exactly what I’d expect

Look at the image please help

She will probably be in medical journals cause I do not see how it is happening

Help please

Here is the link to the photo

Please save it and adjust until you see it for yourself

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