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Looking for second opinion

Hi. I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct forum, but on March 5 I woke up with chest pains on my left side. I ignored the pains for a few days thinking I may have just pulled a muscle and about 4 days later I woke up with severe pains to the point I couldn't move, cough, laugh, take a deep breathe, or do anything without almost crying. I ended up making an ER visit and after some blood work and a chest x-ray I was released and told to follow up with my PCM. A few hours later one of the ER nurses called and told me that the radiologist had reviewed my x-ray and said he found a 1.3 cm nodule in the left lateral side of my lung and to follow up with my doctor ASAP. So I did the next day and he ordered a CT scan which showed the nodule to actually be 3.2 X 2.1 X 1.3 cm; much larger than what the x-ray showed and that my upper left lobe is full of opacity which is what is causing my pain. Because the symptoms I'm showing aren't consistent with pneumonia or Valley fever; my PCM did a rush referral to a pulmonologist. I went in to see him a week ago and he said it's possible it may be a tumor but had ordered blood work to test for Valley fever, requested a repeat CT scan to see if the mass showed any signs of improvement, and also a pulmonary function test. The CT showed the mass to have shrank a little but my whole upper lobe is still full. I'm still experiencing pains on my left side which radiate from the side to behind my left breast. I'm really nervous and just want the pain to go away. Could this be cancer or is it just something else?
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