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Recently I had a brain CT and MRI.  Results are a little worrisome....hope you can give me some insight on what it means.  
MRI reads:  Mild scattered punctate and patchy foci of T2 prolongation seen primarily within the subcortical white matter of bilateral frontal and parietal lobes.  CT reads:  Mild patchy areas of low-attenuation seen in subcortical and deep periventricular white matter.  Been doing some research and a lot of these words point to MS and microvascular ischemic related things..... Thanks for any info you can provide.  
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Usually these findings are of no clinical consequence.  These findings can be due to numerous reasons such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, inflammatory/autoimmune condition if you have such a history.  MRI can be very sensitive and find things that are not really causing any symptoms -- microvascular changes can lead to very very tiny ischemic changes that can be seen.  Certainly sometimes, these findings can be a sign of MS only if you have symptoms that would correlate to these imaging findings.  

The good news is that most of these findings on MRI and CT usually are not anything to be worried about.  

Particularly if you have any worrisome symptoms and regardless, definitely consult with your neurologist or treating physician to inquire about the clinical significance of these findings.
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