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MRI report explanation

I had an MRI and need help with understanding the terminology. Here are the findings:
c3-c4:shallow paracentral disc osteophyte components. Right lateralizing disc osteophyte component causes minor right foraminal encroachment

c4-c5: shallow paracentral dis osteophytes with minor craniocaudel extruded components minimally efface the ventral sac with borderline central stenosis. Right lateralizing disc osteophyte component compromises the right lateral recess and right foramen.

c5-c6: shallow broad based paracentral osteophtes cause mild central canal stenosis with effacement of the let lateral recess. Lateralizing marginal osteophytes contribute to mild to moderate bilateral formainal encroachment.

c6-c7: shallow right paracentral disc osteophyte complex with minor craniocaudel components minimally effaces the ventral sac. Left lateralizing osteophytes contribute to minor left foraminal encroachment. No signifient stenosis.

c2-c3, c7-t1: no significent abnormality.

The reason for the MRI was to determine why post 27 month since moderate side impact MVA, I am still experiencing pain. I have been to Chiro and PT and while I initially improved I have not progressed any further in quite sometime.  I am 39yo, and no history of neck pain. Only significant thing is a MVA 9-10 years ago that cause issues in the thoracic area, but had not experienced any flare ups in at least 5-6 years, an at no time did the neck come into play, that is until the accident in 2/2011.

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