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Neck pain, being sent for MRI with contrast

A year and a half ago, I began experiencing slight neck pain. I believed it was from heavy weightlifting/exercising but could not pinpoint an exact moment or movement that caused it. It was on the c7 vertebrae and felt sore and similar to a bruised feeling when pressed on. Did not limit mobility or day to day activities. No other symptoms with it. Just felt sore and annoying. Had an X-ray by a spine doctor. Doctor believed it was a clay shovelers fracture. Eliminated exercising for 8 weeks and felt healed. Then one month ago, I began a new exercise regimen with explosive heavy weightlifting moves. My neck "injury" from before flared up again. Feeling the exact same as before. Went back to doc. They did an MRI as he started to doubt about the clay shovelers fracture diagnosis. MRI came back with nothing wrong. Except he said he and the radiologist spotted a "mass" near the bottom of the scan. He seemed to imply they could not see all of it because of where the scan ended. He said they needed to do an MRI with contrast to see what it is. He gave me no clues as to what the mass could be except for saying it may be nothing. Although he did state the radiologist said, "it is something." What could this "mass" possibly be?
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