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Problem with cardiac stress test

I had a cardiac stress test yesterday for evaluation of chest pain/pressure with shortness of breath. The tech put me through the scanner for the initial scan prior to having the stress test itself.  The scan showed a large loop of bowel blocking the view of the heart so I had to drink a lot of water and walk around. They repeated the initial scan and one portion of the bowel was still blocking the view. After the stress portion of the test, (using medication instead of the treadmill)  they had me lay down on my stomach to go through the scanner in addition to another scan  lying on my back.  My questions are:
1) Is it common for a large loop of bowel to block the view of the heart? and 2) Can the bowel being so high in my chest contribute to the symptoms?  The cardiologist told me my stress test was okay.

I appreciate your help with this.  Thank you.
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