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Xrays and MRIs

How long do xrays and MRIs last? As in how often should I get a bone xray or MRI if I had it in the past? Every year? Every 6 months? 3 months? I had a xray and MRI done about 6 months ago for my neck stenosis and I took it to a new surgeon today for a second opinion. The nurse asked if I had an xray done recently and that's what I provided her. Do you think it was outdated and that I need a new one? It seems like my condition has progressed compared to what the surgeon described the condition was in the Xray and MRI that was 6 months old. Will this be a problem during the surgery?
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A doctor will probably not give you an second opinion, based on 6 months old images. He/she will demand up-to-date information to give solid advice.

Whether the images are really outdated depends on how fast the condition of your neck is changing.  If you yourself already say that your condition has progressed, making new images seems logic.
Surgery will most certainly not be done, based on 6 months old images.
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