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Guess I will start. News black out!!!

I am really irradiated when I consider how swayed and biased our news channels seem to be. It has come to a point where we can longer trust what is being said to us. But the real problem is we the people know it and accept it. Reminds me of the Roman Empire and their fall, the people became fat dumb and happy. as we slid into our new position of a third world nation, where over 90% of the population is suffering at some level, the haves get more, and have nots have less. When we as a people stand for our rights, we get knocked down. I don't understand is this not the greatest country in the world? I was born here. And yet so much has changed. Not for the better, at least in my mind.    
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  Yes, I feel exactly the same way.  It's the dummying down of America.  
Because I dont watch t.v., I only noticed it about 5 yrs ago;  the NewsCasters were smirking about something, and seemed opinionated, as if they were attempting to sway The Public.
   The first time I realized that tons of errors are made, while reporting The News, was after I had a few articles written concerning myself and other people I  knew. Often times they would misspell our names, or after I spoke with a Newspaper reporter, concerning a subject, the article would appear in the newspaper, twisting my word around.  I was like, "wow, if they can get my little stories wrong, then this must be happening all the time, even with important News.
   As a child, I just assumed there were laws to protect us from inaccurate News being Reported and written, for Public News chans and Papers, but there is not.
   I am also noticing how much more stress is involved,just to etch out a comfortable existence, as I'm not focused on making tons of money, I'm just trying to raise my family responsibly. The bills keep hitting me hard, and I cant seem to get a moments rest, much less a vacation~
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True you really can't believe all you hear or read.  And how insightful reporters can be,  like with Trevon Martin.  You know for me even worse is the entertainment news.  Oh man Nichol Kidman got run over by a cyclist, and man I can't believe how long Myli Cyrus has been on the news.  Really. this is news?
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Hi, I agree with you both fully.  I couldn't give a rat's *** about what Miley Cyrus is doing.  Or any of the other famous people who play NO part in MY life.  I have known for a long time that the news we hear is biased, to make Americans complacent with their lives.  Other countries do the same with their media.  Don't think for one second that the news in other countries don't talk trash about America.  They do.  All the time.  What I want to see and know about is what is going to have a real impact on MY life, and the lives of those I care about.  The groups of families and friends of families that tend to stick together are going to be the ones 'out front' leading the rest when everything falls apart.  Because it WILL fall apart.  You can only keep the lies going for so long....
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So glad you said it! I am in 100% agreement with you. I fall into the category of Poverty Level. Fortunately I am able thus far to afford this Mobile. I have OTA tv. Can't stand it but can't afford TW Cable or the internet because I do like to eat.
You are so right Timothy,  thank you for posting what some are even fearful to think.
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Ty, I liked your post! Kudos!
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Excellent!  Some other countries have (help me find the words!), umm dignity. I can just imagine what they think when viewing American tv. Let me say loudly " we aren't all like what you see "! Wondering what country has more pathetic idiocy than US?
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Oh my, yes! Tv beats one story to death until something else happens. A perpetual lie, they care not about any real facts. It's ratings.
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Ooohh pleeeeze, dancing with the stars is the news. Really???? I couldn't turn it off fast enough.
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