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Why am I judged for this?

Any night owl's out there? I know there are. I was born one. That was rough on my Mom. Here I go! 57½ years later I am the same. Today I happened to be awake during the day. I don't like it really. I have worked day jobs and night jobs. Handicapped now. You may not believe this but my fricking neighbors think I shouldn't sleep during the day...yes my neighbors who do nothing for me. I pay my bills, they don't.  I respect noise ordinance in this place. I don't make much noise either. Oh shite, did they hear me sneeze?  Why do the "goody two shoers" bother me when they get a chance? I stick my head out the door to grab my mail. I don't really like any of them. I don't hate them. I just want my own company. My own peace. That's none of their business!  Especially the one who judges most, the Ellen White follower! This neighbor talks down to me! I'm going to hell according to what she reads. I would just like for those that push their religion on me, to SHUT UP. Happens I have my own belief system. So neighbors worry about my belief's & sleeping habits. Can anyone relate?
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