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3yr having hallucinations

Hello, i have a 3yr old son who is hallucinating. The other day his dad had taken him to bed as normal around 7.30 he put the same movie on - (Tom an Jerry one which our son has watched time an time before) at around 8.30 our son shouted down that the film had finished, my partner went up to change it, no sooner had he come down that our son started screaming saying he had spiders in his mouth. It turned out to be a hair. However after this our son was totally histerical and in consolable. an proceded to be like this for the next 4 - 5 hours. At around mid night after still not being able to control him ---an after sitting for hours with him crying, were he would have periods of stopping and would 'watch' the bugs, spiders an bumble bees. crawl up his arms an legs.  
They have been every were, his nose, ears, mouth, arms, legs, tummy, bum.   Eventually we took him up to the emergency room. were he was admitted to hospital for the night.
The doctors have put it down to a night terror,  but he had not been asleep prior to it starting an it has lasted nearly 2 days, it started thursday night an although its not half as bad as it was he is still complaining of bumble bees on him now an its saturday.
he has not had a fever or any illness, he is still eating an drinking. breathing and observations are all normal.
Can anybody offer me an information or answers to what this could be???  
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my 5 year woke in the middle of the night screaming at the top of his lings and make a digging motion with his arms. I reached for him and tried to console him. I was thinking that he was still asleep and having a bad dream. Iwas completley surprised when he turned and yelled "MOM HELP ME DIGG JAKOBE (my 8 month old)OUT OF THE EARTH THERE IS FIRE IN THERE" I was stunned and tried to explain that his brother was in the bed sleeping. It took me over an hour to console him, only to have him wake again with something similar. This time he was yelling telling his sister not to touch the earth she would be burned. I have no idea where this thing with the burning earth is coming from but he was covered in sweat and covinced that there was fire SOMEONE PLEASE HELP IM HEADING TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!
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Just a few basic comments.

Your profile says you are in the UK, and this poster does not know how UK physician specialities relate to those in the US, but (US terms) you need a pediatric neurologist to help you, possibly a psychiatrist as well.

Hallucinations are not rare, many people have them, although infrequently. You have a 3 year old, someone whose brain is rapidly developing and severing synaptic connections. This means that he could be going through some kind of temporary problem, but it could also become permanent if not treated.

Of course, it could also be an early manifestation of something long lasting. The earlier the condition is known, the better you as parents will be able to understand and adjust to it.

You really need a specialist who knows these problems and is good with children.
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