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A slurry of odd symptoms.

Hi all, I've been experiencing some strange and alarming symptoms. Anyone got any clues?

Long term symptoms:

Intermittent abdominal pains, mostly under ribs on right and left sides.
Nausea, intermittent. No vomiting. Worse around the middle of the day. Could be caused by GERD.
Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Cramps in the morning. Could be caused by IBS.
Abdominal guarding. This is an involuntary flexing of your abdominal muscles.
Fatigue. Easily worn out. Feel like I could sleep forever.
Chest pain. Intermittent. Changes position and severity. Sometimes spreading to my neck and left arm.
Feeling of difficulty breathing. Occasional lightheadedness. my oxygen levels are always normal. I attribute these problems to hyperventilation syndrome caused by anxiety, which can produce a feeling of suffocation. This little problem has gotten worse and has bothered me unceasingly for over a week.
Rapid pulse ranging upwards of 120 in the mornings.

Symptoms that began on Friday, in order of appearance:

Intermittent bladder pain.
Intermittent urethra pain. No urinary urgency, no burning during urination.
Intermittent leg cramps, starting with the left leg. Eventually arm cramps as well. Sometimes spreading to my feet and hands. Occasionally making it difficult to walk.
Intermittent abdominal pain occurring every sixty to ninety seconds and lasting only a few seconds. Sometimes cramp-like, sometimes shooting, sometimes dull. Sometimes originating from far inside, other times almost superficial. Strikes like lightning; never in the same spot twice. They occur anywhere between my diaphragm and my bladder. Seems worse after a meal.
Brief, dull headaches that seem to travel up through my neck.
Near complete loss of appetite.
Most of these symptoms are better in the mornings, and get worse around 2 pm.

Now, as far as tests go, I've had a lot over the last month. Before the most recent symptoms, I visited the emergency room where they took several vials of blood. Who knows what all they tested for, but the results were unremarkable. A urinalysis came back clear. My blood sugar was slightly elevated; 102. Normally I have more problems with my blood sugar being low, so that was a bit of a surprise. I had a CT scan with contrast done on my abdomen. The results were unalarming. The doctor told me that at that point, he could only tell me what my problem was not, and he sent me home with a script for Prilosec. I know they tested my kidneys, as that is procedure before injecting contrast. He also told me my liver enzymes were normal.

I've had four EKG's done over the last month and a half. The first was normal, the second I had done at the free clinic, and they told me I had a T-wave abnormality. They scheduled me for a stress test but I felt too ill to attend. My third and fourth EKG's were normal. I do not know if they misread my results at the free clinic or if there really was a problem that resolved before my next set of EKG's.

I had another urinalysis done a few days ago that came back clear. They also ran four blood tests: Comprehensive metabolic panel, amylase, PRB, and CRP. All of these tests came back normal.

Does anyone have even the slightest clue what could be causing my health problems? This has all evolved beyond the point that I can stand. I need help and I'm willing to find it anywhere.
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I would DEFINATELY look into Lyme Disease and co-infections as possibility. It can cause all the symptoms you are suffering., Take it from me, I had a ton of symptoms that went undiagnosed by doctors and I visited almost 20 different specialists. No one had a clue. I found out through different websites and forums about Lyme Disease and co-infections and sure enough. that's what i had. testing for it is VERY bad. only 50 percent of cases actually come back positive. so even if they say you tested negative. you can still have it.

My advice would be to post in the Lyme Disease section right here on MEDHELP. There are many helpful people there , and I honestly feel that they can help you. When so many tests have been done, and still no diagnosis of ANYTHING....that's when it's very wise to look into Lyme Disease. Most people who end up having it went through the same trials you and I have. Mysterious symptoms. no answers from doctors. new symptoms popping up every few days. Definitely look into it! GOOD LUCK
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Also check bloodwork for deficiencies in Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron/ferritin, magnesium RBC.  You may also be low in potassium (which needs to be balanced with sodium).
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