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Cause by dental implant? or..something else ? Please help..

Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm sending this letter from Indonesia. I have some questions on behalf my Mom dental implant issues.
Please forgive if I'm not writing it right but I do my best to make it simple. I hope you understand, I'll write all her symptom since the implant.

It's been almost 2 years now since the implant. My Mom did her implant in local doctor here in my hometown, Medan, Indonesia. Several months later, I'm not quite sure how many months but I can check with her later. Since that she had several problem.

She began to experience :

* headache = very heavy headache

* feeling like sparkling fireworks inside her mouth especially in front jaw. Every time she talks too much, then this feelings come. And it very hurts for her.

* All over her body feels like electric but in a slow motion. Especially around her feet, calf.

* At the right side of her back shoulder, she feels like spider crawling

* She even faint once then we took her to local hospital, they told her that she starting having stroke

Places she's been to :

* Accupunture = which no result at all

* Doctors in Singapore and Malaysia, suggest her to take pills, LYRICA  and NEURONTIN  = give more bad headache, she really can't stand them all.

* Been to Neurologist in Singapore and Malaysia but none of them can found out.

* Been to Dental Implant Doctors in several Hospital in Singapore and Malaysia, no result at all.

* Even been to Amsterdam, Netherland two times and met Professor, and he also can't tell.

* She's not taking any medicine, pills right now, she can't stand all the pain from the pills.

Well, that's all I can give you the information. I can send you the examine files you need. My Mom did MRI, brain scan, I don't really understand that part. But I can send you all of them. I'm really hoping you can help us out here. She looks so ill and I just can's stand to watch her feelings miserable nowadays. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for attention to read my email.

Thank you. Regards,

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