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Chance of me having Naegleria fowleri?

I have a cold and last night I used warm tap water and salt to clean out my sinus. I squeezed a water bottle to push the water up my nose and it didn't come out the other side, must not have done it right, so I stopped. I read after I used it about the two deaths in Louisiana and other deaths. I am EXTREMELY worried, I do not have a headache, stiff neck, loss of focus. I did not vomit. I am just so scared, even with the title of getting this disease is 'rare'. I don't know who to talk to, since it is rare doctors don't really know about it and I don't think they will take me seriously. I have always worried over everything. Has anyone else done this before and survived, with similar activities? I just need somebody with experience to talk to. I understand that salt and chlorine could kill it, but I have no idea how much of that there needs to be to kill it. I just can't seem to take my mind off this. I feel as if there was definitely something in my water, even though there's a high chance there was nothing. I get water from a cold river (Delaware River) and it doesn't suit conditions for the amoeba. The process of cleaning the water could have possibly killed all of the bacteria and amoeba. I obviously am never going to do this again, and this is one of the worst scares I have had in my life. Please help.
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