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Chronic hiccups

My 80 year old husband has been suffering chronic hiccups for 6 + years and has been a generally healthy person, non smoker, and regular exerciser.  He has been to several specialist but to no avail. Visited 2 gastrointestinal specialist with colonoscopy, endoscopy, gastric emptying study, of which the only result was acid reflux and has been on medication for that for about a year.  Visits to a neurologist for EEG and mri of the head, all normal. Was put on anticonvulsant meds which he started 2 weeks ago. Still has hiccups. Went to a  ENT-normal ear canals.  This condition has greatly effected his sleep and mental state. A person who was a vibrant, healthy person has become introverted and suffers from sleeplessness, physical weakness, and often irritable .  Any input would be greatly appreciated
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