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Constant Mucus

Two years ago, I noticed an itching in the back of my throat.  It turned into a little bit of mucus that I would hack up, and then a full blown cold.  All of the cold symptoms went away, but the mucus in the back of my throat is still there! I've been on every nasal steroid and antihistimine you can think of.  I've been to an ENT and had a CT of my sinuses...clear....and X-ray of my lungs....clear.  I notice the mucus is worse when I exerecise which makes me think it's lung related thing.  The doctors keep shrugging me off, but this problem is persistant and quite annoying.  I'm currently taking a nasal steroid and Singulair, but it doesn't seem to be helping.  Any ideas?  I'm at my wits end.  I don't smoke.   I went to an allergist, and I'm not allergic to mold or pollen.  I am slightly allergic to cats, but no real reaction. HELP!
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How are you? do you still have the problem with your throat? DO you have a personal history of asthma? The excess mucus could be due to post nasal drip. If you present medications do not work, talk to your doctor about this or have this checked by an ENT. Take care and do keep us posted. Best regards.  
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