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I have been sick for almost 5 years this April. I was out doing yard work when I became ill. Started with throat pain, like in the breathing tube and the a feeling of like the flu and major fatigue. It never goes away but seems better and worse at times. Sore tongue and rash on diff parts of body, like blisters. After tons of test and unnecessary surgeries, I finally talked a new doctor into testing me foe herpes, shingles and mono. Herpes I and Epstien Barr Virus showed up. Only thing ever besides an elevated enzyme in liver and asthma and acid reflux. Oh and I had a biopsy of one of the blisters on my back. Came back as severe inflammation. I am suppose to see an Infectious Disease Spec soon. Can you tell me if they can help me to get well or will I feel like this forever? I feel like I have something that is slowly killing me? Please help! Lisa
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Hi Lisa, I sent a message to you too so won't go into it all on here, but just know that you are not alone. Reading your post completely described me to a t. that is how I started out and I still get all that when it flares up. I am really hoping your infectious doc can help you. Good luck! colleen
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Dear Lisa, I have mystery health issues too. One thing that helped me was being involved in a grand rounds. My Dermotologist set it up. Specialists from all over the USA meet together with puzzling cases.
  Also a Frenchman was here last week, & told me to investigate Grapefruit seed extract.  Pamela
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