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Excessive mucus in throat

I have suffered from excess mucus which lodges in my throat for about 3+ years now.  It causes me fatigue, and it interferes with daily life, e.g. coughing up mucus all day into sink, tissues, etc.  It has not let up, except for about 2 days.  I have gone to approximately six doctors and no one has determined the cause nor does anyone have any ideas.  I have had a car load of tests run, e.g. sinus CT scan, chest CT scan, phlegm cultures, blood work, pulmonary/respiratory tests, allergy tests, tests for immunological disorders,  but nothing shows up. It's all negative.  I have taken allergy drugs, zertac and singular, Amoxicillian, nose rinses for sinuses, asthamex, proair, use of nebulizer and duoneb med's, and med's for cystic fibrosis, and nothing works.  The Amox worked for a very short while than stopped working.  I'm beside myself b/c I can't live like this.  I wake up in the morning most times totally congested getting almost no air in my nose, and my throat with a big pocket of phlegm.  It takes quite some time to cough it all up, and than it still persists throughout the day.  Sometimes it wakes me up at night b/c it's stuck and choking me.  I have to get it out.  The doctors are at a loss, and I am beyond frustration to put it mildly.  My next step is to go and see a ENT specialist, although my allergist thinks it may be useless since he feels problems would have shown up in all my other tests.  Lastly, I am wondering if it is fungus.  I just read about that.  Also, this started in NC at my sister's home (I live with her), and she had her home vents cleaned out  b/c of fungus.  This began before the vents were cleaned she recalls.  These symptoms started out of nowhere, and knocked me off my feet immediately.  I was totalled winded and could barely climb a short flight of stairs.  Can you suggest anything different from what I have said.  Thank you.

Janice Giampaoli
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Hi, This is JoJo1966

Have you ever had pain in your left side close to or under you ribs?
If you have, and had other symtoms like a lot og belthging with an alful oder or just an alful order in you mouth. Ask you Doctor for an ultasound of your gall bladder. I hope this leads you some where.

let me know how this turns out or just if you have some of these symtoms

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I started suffering with a post nasal drip over 20 years ago and suffer fro many of the same symptoms as you--excessive mucus, phlegm, coughing and even choking .  I have undergone allergy testing, sinus scans and hae  been to several doctors, ENT and Allergy specialists--received different sprays , antihistamines, and cought medicines, but they only provided temporary relief.  I very rarely get through a night with more than 5 hours of sleep since the tickling down my throat  and subsequent coughing keeps me awake,.  At times it is very frustrating as people think I am sick with a cold.  I do find when I limit my intake of dairy products, cold drinks, and chocolate, I do not have as much accumulation of mucus.  Also, I am trying to drink more water.  However, I still am stuck with symptoms and try my best to have relaxing moments which seem to help.
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If you dont mind trying out a herbal treatment, i have a very effective herbal treatment for different types of diseases....if you are interested, just drop me a mail. thanks !
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Hi Janice my daughter has the same exact symptoms.  Have you been diagnosed yet?
The same thing she has had every test imaginable. Going to the Mayo next
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