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Fake Stroke

About 4 months ago my son and I were cooking dinner and I got some pressure in my eyes and between above my nose... I got a little disoriented and lightheaded and leaned on the counter.... then I couldn't move the whole right side of my body for a few minuets... I don't know how long but I was so freaked out... I started thinking of what my mom said ABC's and that commercial about not being able to brush my own hair so I got as calm as I could and tried as hard as I could to move... after some time my arm ,delayed, would move a little and it was so freaking scary I thought I think I'm having a stroke, I called my Dr." I'm 29 at the time " and they said call 911 I said I don't want to I'm 29 I can't have a stroke... What if...... They said do it or we will..... So I did.... My son was freaking out..... I did and laid down with my meds and concentrated on making my heart slow down and my son was saying what is my birthday, what is your birthday what is our address,,,,,, ect,,,,,, when the paramedics came I was embarrassed that I had to call 911.... I was wondering what the neighbors were thinking and my poor son was crying... They took my vitals and said my blood pressure was fine.... I have always been Extremely low to begin with... My husband always trips out by that.... but what ever... they  look at my meds cabinet where we have like a year supply of everything( I have cancer by the way ) we get out meds through our insurance via. mail .... then they change their whole tune...... they say.... " you are not having a stroke.... maybe you should come to the hospital for some extra psychiatric attention " .... WHAT THE HELL..... I have my child with me ..... I just couldn't move the right side of my body...Oh ya I got that back by the way... my husband is working out of state and they want me to go for psych. treatment..... what is their problem.....

My sister in laws babysitters husband just died 2 months ago because the ambulance drivers thought when he was found unconscious on the bathroom floor, it was a prescription drug overdose.... he was in the hospital for 3 days before he died.... it was a STROKE..... he is dead..... sound familiar....

back too it........... my Dr.s think it might be Hemipalegic Migraines... They supposedly mimic a stroke... I go to the neurologist on the 1st of Nov.  But I am diagnosed with so many things... I don't know what to believe any more... I take so many meds... who says it couldn't have been a stroke... I had such a rough time afterwords... They wanted to tell me I had Ellers Danlos Syndrome ... The Vascular kind... which makes perfect sense but then Mr. Man backed down got unexcited and said "fiberomialga"  

Any One Got Anything To Say?????????????????????????
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I wonder if you could have had a TIA which are more commonly called mini strokes the only thing about those though is that when you start having the little ones it is usually a sign that they are leading up to a bigger or massive stroke.

Then too there is the possiblity that some of your medications could be interacting with each other have you taken ALL of your meds to one Doctor and had them go through them all to make sure they are all OK to take together. My grandmother had this problem because she was seeing more than one dr for diff. problems no one ever took the time to check all her meds to make sure they would not interact she almost died she ended up in the hospital on a ventilator breathing for her for a week. The ER doctor had us bring in all her meds when he checked them we found that there were several that should not have been mixed together.

If you haven't I would make sure someone checks them all for your safety I hope you get better  
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