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Fatigue, weight gain, bloating, stiffness Perfect Blood results

At my wits end.
For the past 4 years I have been struggling with extreme fatigue and muscle stiffness as well as digestive disorders.
As if a switch was flipped. One day I had an abundance of energy. Worked out everyday.
Worked all day and still found time for lots of play.
Now I feel like a zombie.
Finally went to the doctor.
Was tested for thyroid and some other obvious things and my blood work came back, not normal but perfect.
Have had heaps of blood work done and still nothing.

They were dismissive about hormones even though my aunts suffer from these problems.

The doctors are running out of ideas and looking to just diagnose me with depression to get rid of me.
I know for a fact this is not depression and if it is, it's a direct result of my current state!

My family has a history of strange auto-immune anomalies but the doctor's I've seen are doing nothing but draining my bank account and making me feel crazy.

Does anybody have any ideas on what other options to pursue?
I refuse to accept that this is how my life is supposed to be from now on when I'm not even 30 yet.

Anybody have similar symptoms and scenarios and found a solution.

Thanks so much.

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I have those symptoms!  Several specialists and tests later I finally got a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  But am still not satisfied that it is totally that.  But I'm feeling a little better now that I can get some sleep.  Am taking 10mg Elavil and B-complex viatmins and 400mg of Magnesium.  Also trying to walk in the morning every day.
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To the OP, I can absolutely relate to your symptoms. I have all of your and then some. There's only one thing that I have different and that is a positive ANA Titer which lead me down the Lupus path and every other linked or slightly similar diagnosis. I would always come up just a few symptoms and/or test results shy of a diagnosis.

Which leads me into my comment for OlderMomOfTwins. After going through an exhaustive amount of blood tests & a bone scan that did show weak bones in my ankles, wrists, the shoulder that I DIDN'T have multiple surgeries on (I had Osteosarcoma at age 15), and a couple of other areas as well. However, the radiologist that wrote the report must've felt there wasn't anything to be concerned about even though his description compared my scan to what is commonly seen in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. My rheumatolgist shot that down because I have a negative rheumatoid factor. So I guess this is normal when you get to be over the ripe old age of THIRTY!!

I, too, was finally slapped with the Fibromyalgia sticker and that's where it stopped. I firmly believe that this is nothing more than a diagnosis of exclusion for myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people that are suffering from it, just not me. It explains why none of the meds have worked. And Fibromyalgia patients aren't supposed to have any visible symptoms or test results that are abnormal. No one can explain to me why I do.

My search for an answer has gone on since I was 20 and I am going on 35 now.

I just wish I had an answer & the RIGHT treatment.

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My husband is just turn 40 yrs old, He has the exact same thing.
However, this has been going on for a couple years now. We finally have
some kind of clue it's Ra Rhemotid Arthrits.

However,The bloating is unexplainable at this time.

Have them check your Ra.

Good luck!
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