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Having problem while I urinate

Dear doctor,

I am having problem while urinating, burning and pain while urinate, I consult to our in house doctor, and she gave me Norflox-400. Please help me and tell me the reason why I got like this.  This is the first time I got it.
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Hi Anjali.

Burning pain during micturition (urination) is a symptom of Urinary Tract Infection. It is very common in females especially among those who are sexually active. Norflox is fine and should help it. Also you can consider keeping your genital area clean and then sitting in warm water with a bit of betadine solution in it. It disinfects and results are fast. If you are sexually active both you and your partner should practice clean sex that is wash your private parts both before and after sex. Drink lots of water and fluids so that thea lot of urine is passed and the microorganisms are flushed out.

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another common cause or contributor to utis is females using perfumey soaps, bubblebaths or lotions in the genital area, the plainest soap possible is best, and rinse well. Also, many women still dou che thats not needed you vaginal will maintain a healthy ph all on its own.

tip good for urinary infection   drink lots of cranberry juice and water.
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Burning during urination could be due a urinary tract infection which is the infection of the urinary system consisting of kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate (in men), urethra.

It is caused by a pathogen, typically bacteria which can cause infection along the urinary tract.

Diagnosis is usually by clinical features, microscopic examination or by culture of the urine.

Treatment is by antibiotics which can eradicate the causative pathogen. Also one should avoid dehydration and drink lots of fluids (as per your doctor's advise)

Take Care

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