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I am Desparate!

I am 18/f/mi and no one seems to be able to figure out what is going on with me! I've gone to at least 5 doctors in the last couple of years and I keep trying to find the one who will figure it out.  I have finally been transferred to a gastronologist (which i didn't know i should have been before) so hopefully this perosn can help me?  But, here are my symptoms, idk if anyone else has experienced the same (or similar) symptoms?  (Any help would be very much appreciated!! thank you. :)))

1.  Balance Issues.
2.  Bleeding from the rectum, as well as mucus (on and off).
3.  Stabbing and wrenching pains in my stomach (more than just a little pain, i'd say a 10 on a scale of 1 - 10 and 10  would be the worst).
4.  Unimaginable pain in the right side of my brain.
5.  Weight gain/loss (sometimes completely regular, sometimes irregular)
6.  Trouble/Painful swallowing and sometimes it feels difficult to breathe.
7.  Random, sharp, shooting pains throughout body.
8.  Stomach spasms.
9.  EYE TWITCHES and PAIN (in right eye).
10.  fatigue (on and off).
11.  attention problems.
12.  digestion problems.
13.  one recent experience of loose stool.
14.  sometimes, i break out in a sweat (especially if i'm stressed out).
15.  frequent urination.
16.  Hard/painful to go to bathroom no matter what (no stinging sensations or anything like that, but: mystomach hurts horribly and feels like if i push anymore to get anything out of me that it will burst) -literally.  Sometimes, I get scared to even move a certain way, because sometimes if I sleep a certain way, a similar feeling comes.
17.  Just been daignosed withabout 48 different food allergies (dunno if that would have anything to do with it?)
*been staying away from those foods, though.
*i am also sensitive/allergic to wheat, and have a relative who has celic, (i'm not sure about lyme, i think lyme as well), and chron's disease.
18.  It feels like there's a ball lodged inside of my stomach.  And I'm not talking about a small ball either.
19.  irregular sleeping (example: sometimes, even when i have nine hours of sleep, i will go to school, come back home, and feel drained COMPLETELY and will HAVE to sleep.. it was much worse when i ate the foods i wasnt supposed to though./the ones i'm allergic to.)
20.  Chronic Naseua.
21.  i also have acid reflux.
22.  twitches in fingers, legs, so on.
23.  Memory issues (which might be due to blocking things out from the pain, not sure though).
24.  Painful sex.
25.  disorientation (a lottt of the time, makes it difficult to focus when i'm driving or running errands, etc).
26. feeling like i'm about to throw up. but never usually do.
there's much more.  i might post another with more symptoms if i remember more but i'm really tired right now.  
ALSO: if you have any questions or answers plz post something for me.  if you can.

thank you.
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Hi, you mentioned Celiac disease as part of your family history.  Maybe, you should look into that.  Also, I'd look into the possibility of an autoimmune disease.

Please, bring ALL of your test results with you to each new doctor you see.  In fact, keep copies of all of your tests in a folder at home.  

Good luck!  I will keep my fingers crossed!!  =D
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