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I feel like I'm dieing

Hi all. I'm new to the website. I've been experiencing an onset of symptoms for a little over a year
Now. I tryed posting in the undiagnosed symptoms forum but the site wouldn't let me. Hopefully someone here can help me. To start I'm 19 years old. The symptoms started when I was 18(could have been sooner but ill explain that later. It all seems like it started after a car accident I was in in feb of 2014(it was very minor though which is what confuses me. I was rear ended and pushed into the car infront of me). I had horrible neck pain on my left side of my neck. Went to physical therapy, did all the stretches they told me to do and still felt no improvement. Soon that turned into neck pain that was all over my neck. Then I began to get this horrible pain at the bottom of my skull where the top of my neck meets my skull. Shortly after I began getting horrible headaches. They started in the back of my head then moved forward to my face. My head was sensitive to the touch and so was my face. These head aches would last almost all day. I would also get mild fevers. Then my neck pain began to get worse, I noticed continual popping in my neck when I moved it and nothing helped the pain. Iv tryed narcotics but those will only help for maybe 2 hours tops before warring off. Soon I began to experience extreme fatigue along with these head aches. I'd be doing totally fine then I'd begin to get one of these head aches and my body would force me to fall asleep. Not like narcolepsy or anything.(never experienced anything like it). Then I began to experience neurological problems. I had trouble focusing in class or even In regular conversation. I started feeling confusion and "brain fog". When I get like this it feels like I'm a zombie. I can't even drive when i get like this. I can't tell u how many times I run red lights, almost got into car accidents and almost hit pedestrians because of it. These neurological symptoms come and go. I then began to have horrible insomnia. I either couldn't fall asleep or couldn't stay asleep because of the pain and found myself taking naps through out the day OR sleeping in till noon...or later. I also have Irritiable bowel syndrome and this has become so much worse as time goes on with this condition I have. Recently my symptoms have taken a turn for the worst. It keeps getting worse and worse, no improvement. My neck pain is widespread, even into my scalene muscles and pecks! My shoulders constantly hurt and so does my lower back(I have two minimal disc bulgs in my low back from the car accident). Now when I get these head aches, It feels like the inside of my head is burning. My neck pain feels like the inside of my neck is burning and also extreme tightness(almost always now for the both of them). My knees also began to hjrt ALOT. my left knee swells some on occasion. When I have episodes of flare ups, the pain is so intense that I feel like I can't breath. It'll feel like my heart is racing but I can't get enough breath and so I breath heavily. I get super dizzy, my hands tingle(almost always now) my eye sight has gotten much worse over the past year. I also run mild fevers almost consistently. When I have these flare ups, it literally feels like I'm going to die. When I go to bed like this I fear I won't wake up. My quality of life has gone down the drain. I can't go to class, I can't exercise, I can't plan ahead, I'm afraid to travel because of the randomness of the flare ups, I lay in bed most days and feel like my life is wasting away. I used to go out partying alot and now spend my time watching tv and sleeping because its the most my body can handle. I forgot to add earlier that the pain is continuous. Ever since the neck pain started iv never felt relief from it. So for a little over a year iv experienced constant neck pain. I cry alot recently. Iv become very depressed In the past few months because I feel so hopeless about this. I feel like I'm becoming crippled. I can't even work.iv been to many doctors. I've had X-rays of my neck done(they found nothing). MRI's of my neck and back done which came back normal except for the slight disk bulging in my low back. I've had CT scan done and it come back normal. Iv had countless blood test to check for abnormalities in my blood. There was slightly higher white blood count and I'm extremely anemic. I was tested for hypothyroid that came back normal. Lupus, arthritis, lyme came back normal. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I don't think I have it. Its not a denial thing, its just that the doctors iv been to never fully listened to what I had to say about my symptoms and basically diagnosed me with fibro because of the chronic pain and the fact that I had a hard childhood. I think this diagnosis is hog wash. I'm currently switching insurance to see better doctors and hope they can help me. NOW for what I was talking about earlier. What could also be related is an incident from the summer of 2013. I was 17 and had the opportunity of going to New Haven, CT to Yale university for a gifted writers summer camp for 2 weeks(the pain is so bad I can't even write anymore). We got to stay in the dorms which had no air conditioning at the time. I slept with my window open most nights, no screen. One night it was unbearably hot and humid so I slept above my sheets naked with the window open. In the morning I discovered a bunch of bug bites all over me. When I got home my mom noticed it was infected so she took my to the doctor. The doc looked at it and said since it wasnt a bullseye rash that I didn't have lyme and didn't even test me for it. They gave me some antibiotics for it which I never finished. After that I began to experience extreme vertigo and dizziness and fatigue. It soon subsided some. Then that novemeber i was out at a party and overdosed. after leaving the hospital, that winter I experienced a never ending sinus infection, some neck stiffness, EXTREME fatigue, worsened IBS and more dizziness, horrible head aches, brain fog and mild fevers. I went to the doc three dif times. One told me I was addicted to Advil so I immediately said "screw u guys Im going home" and seeked out new docs(my other docs had a hard time taking me seriously after the overdose. I was never addicted to anything, just a party foul on my end). They gave me amoxicillin each time(a new round each time). I never finished those either. Antibiotics give me horrible yeast infections so when I begin to feel better i stop taking them. My symptoms began to subside except for the dizziness and some head aches. A month after I was in the car accident and everything went down hill after that. I still have some of the bug bite on my back. Its hardened and had a little pin price hole in the middle that's darker. I've tryed squeezing it and nothing comes out. My mom thinks I could have Chronic Lyme Disease. My dad thinks maybe I have some extreme sugar allergy. My boyfriend thinks maybe the docs missed something in my X-rays and MRI's. if you have any thoughts of what could b going on with me please comment below. If u know any good doctors that might be able to solve the mystery please send this post to them. Help me. Please.
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  Hi..was whip lash ruled out?

Also did you get copies of your MRI and Xrays? If not, contact the facility where the studies were done and request them....some findings are not revealed to patients as they can be considered an incidental finding by Drs not familiar with them.so they can be overlooked...this happened to me, and I now always get copies of ALL testing I have done so I can take them to a 2nd or 3rd Dr for an opinion.
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