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I need a miracle

I have spine issues among other things as well.
I have a syrinx from T6 through T9, bluging c4, c5 L5 and s1
I experience a a alot of pain all the time , numbness in my hands , feet and legs,I also have pulmonary hypertension, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Osteo arthritis, sleep apnea, carpal tunnel syndrom in both wrist,
narclepsia, also hypothyroidism , Is there any help for me except for waiting for me to become paralized or me just dead.
Please help!!!!
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Hi the condition of having a syrinx is called syringomyelia....it is a related condition to Chiari malformation...and most NS's that threat Chiari can also treat syringomyelia......

Many of ur symptoms can be attributed to this condition and I wonder if u were ever tested to see if u also had Chiari as the thoracic spine is unusual to have a syrinx as it is the most protected area so it is most likely not from an injury.

I invite u to join us in the Chiari forum- http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Chiari-Malformation/show/257?camp=msc


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Yes I have had mri's and the syrnx was from T7 to T9 and the last Mri
I had it was T6 to T9 I deal with stiffness, joint pain, headaches, numbness in extremities , sometimes on the right side my being able to tell the temp of water is off .
What I mean what might be hot to some people would be just warm to me. I have read about the thoracic syrnyx and it said the ones that is
experiencing all these symptoms which i do have more symptoms then what I am saying . I also have problems at times of standing up from a sitting positions and lately i have some light headed ness . sometimes it comes on from a sitting going to a standing but also just happens.
I went to bed last night with a bad headache and then woke up with one and had it most of the day even after taking a aleve for it then I ate and it helped a little more but kept a dule pain through out the day.
My right hand often goes numb when writing , driving, peeling potatos
sometimes even typing . SOme times my small toes go numb and stays numb for weeks. My legs goes numb periodically when I am sitting or laying . I just feel like there is no hlep for me .
I make the best of each day that I have and I feel at this point I think thats the best I could do I dont ponder on my condition even though I deal with pain every day I just try not to think about it and get my mind on other things. When God is ready to end my suffering I guess that is when my relief will happen until then I will make the best of what I can of my life.
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  It is possible that u have a condition related to chiari called P.O.T.S......it is  a BP issue and will affect u when u change positions, such as from a sitting to standing position.....

Are u able to record ur BP when u change positions? if it changes drastically it could be P.O.T.S......

U just need a Dr that is well informed with chiari and related conditions, there is help out there.

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While I am not trying only to comfort you but also trying to give you certain facts.While your MRI have shown syrinx they could well be artifacts.
Syrinx-like artifacts on MR images of the spinal cord.
M J Bronskill, E R McVeigh, W Kucharczyk and R M Henkelman
February 1988 Radiology, 166,
You ust get investigated for a possible subacute combined degeneration(B12 deficiency)
Subacute combined degeneration is a disorder of the spine, brain, and nerves that involves weakness, abnormal sensations, mental problems, and vision difficulties. Symptoms include: Abnormal sensations (tingling and numbness.

I think you deserve a therapeutic trial as well since this is eminently treatable.
Best wishes for speedy and total recovery.
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'You must get'... typographic error regretted.
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But then do get investigated along these lines also before any therapy. Consult your doc.
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