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I'm worried about Rabies

I think it has been more than a year since I had my last Rabies shot.  I'm increasingly worried that unless I get another shot soon, I may get rabies and that would be bad.  Should I be worried?
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Hello roadkill,

You can go ahead with another shot of the rabies vaccine. There is as such no risk for rabies in the intermittent period.

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When you write "last Rabies shot", why were you vaccinated in the first place?  Since the vaccine is a series of 5 shots, I hope you weren't just given one shot--you should have received 5 over the period of a month (it's actually a very specific schedule).

That said...

Once you have received the rabies series, you should need any more shots unless you have another potential exposure with the virus--then I think it's 2 booster shots, given one and then another one two days later (though I would check to confirm this).

There's no need to get a rabies shot just to get a rabies shot....If you had the full series of shots, you're protected--then it's just two booster shots if you're exposed again.
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