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Is there a connection being overlooked?

As of April 2014 I am a 26 year old female, 5' 8", 186 lb, otherwise healthy except for the following:

Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed in Nov 2011.
I was originally put on glyburide and metformin but within six months was taken off metformin and my birth control pill (which I had been on since 2006) due to a small adenoma on my liver found in April 2012. Subsequently I was put on Lantus and Novolog insulin.

Autoimmune Pancreatitis diagnosed in April 2012.
Originally hospitalized for four days in March, it was thought to be an acute case. In April I ended up back in the ER. I don't drink alcohol regularly (maybe 1-2 times a month and usually a glass of wine or a fruity cocktail) and there were no gallstones. My doctor wasn't sure of the cause of the recurring pancreatitis. I was put on prednisone until June when a stomach infection detected through an endoscopy. In June 2012 I stopped the prednisone and was put on azathioprine as an immunosuppressant. I was hospitalized again in July for four days and was put on nortriptyline to help with the nerve pain.

July 2012 while I was dealing with the hospitalization for anther pancreatitis episode I also had an abscess high on my leg, in the groin area. It burst on its own, the doctor gave me antibiotics to deal with the infection and it cleared up and healed well within a week. I chalked this up to being prone to infections due to being diabetic and having a weakened immune system from the immunosuppressant.

Everything was fine for a while but around May 2013 my period which had been regular for seven years disappeared. In October 2013 my GYN medroxyprogesterone acetate to restart my cycle which restarted irregularly but was less heavy than previously and has since evened out to be near regular again.

October 2013 another leg/groin abscess appeared and was drained and packed by a surgeon; again I took antibiotics to help with the infection. It healed well within a couple of weeks.

April 2014 I was diagnosed with anemia and have had two doses of feraheme IV therapy. Another leg/groin abscess has appeared in the same spot as the two previous times.

I’m tired of dealing with all these issues and seeing a primary care doc, a GI doc, a hematologist, and a general surgeon. I feel like there must be some connection between these things, perhaps another diagnosis that has been missed.

Has anyone ever deal with something similar?
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Have you been to an endocrinologist?
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