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It's been a year and a half of this...

my white blood count has been high for a year and a half.  I have taken blood tests, bone scan, MRI, CAT scan, neuropathy and nothing shows up.  My symptoms consist of severe tingling throughout my body, dizziness, confusion, vertigo, crawling sensations in my back, sharp pains in my abdomen, head and chest, rapid heartbeat, insomnia and low sex drive.  I might be leaving a few things out.  I'm a 34 year old diabetic type 2 and are on these medications... humalog, lantus, crestor, avapro, nexium and xanax.  I'm fairly healthy I could lose a few pounds 5'2 at 160lbs... i carry my weight in my mid section and upper body.  
i will have more blood work done in a few weeks... but i feel so lost.  i go to bed at night and through out the day i wonder if i'm about to take my last breathe soon.  does anyone have similar sypmtoms?  does anyone know of a case similar to this?  I'm in Illinois... most of the good doctors have left this state because of too many malpractice cases... and i'm in a little town that hasn't gotten me any good medical care.  I've recently started going to Barnes in St Louis where I am getting better diabetic care.  I'm hoping to find answers soon... I know I'm not a hypochondriac... there really is something wrong.
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