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Joint pain in both knees, left elbow, underarm, and wrist.

Hi everyone,
im 22 years old and for the last couple months i have been getting joint pain all over my body randomly that comes and go. I have a bad knee (which has yet to be diagnosed) and am getting a scan on it soon. Originally, that was the only joint that hurt. Then all of a sudden, my shoulder joints hurt, then my elbow, my wrist, and my other knee. they rarely hurt all at the same time and the pain is random. sometimes it is dull pain and sometimes it is sharp, shooting pain. i have went to the dr with it and he says that it sounds like a virus in my joints, and prescribed motrin (which i don't really take, since it only masks the pain). This was over a month ago and nothing has changed, so I'm doubting that this is what it is.
other things that i have (though I'm not sure if these are related) are fibrocystic breasts which cause me sharp pains, headaches which have been (without scans) diagnosed as occipital neuralgia, and lately muscle twitching(though I'm thinking that this is due to stress) and one of my shins is SO TENDER TO THE TOUCH.

its starting to really hurt, and sometimes they are there and sometimes they are not. every time i ask a dr they just say its stress or a virus, but I'm doubting this and id like to get to the bottom of it.
if anyone has these symptoms and bass been diagnosed or know what this sounds like, id really appreciate it!!!
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How are you? What other symptoms are present? What diagnostic tests were done? Aside from viral infection and injury, this could be due to many different conditions  such as  osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, strains, or sprains. If it has been a month, it is best that you have this checked for further evaluation. Additional diagnostic tests may need to be done such as imaging studies and blood tests. Take care and do keep us posted.
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