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MSK and primary parathyroid hyperplasia

Hi all!  I am so pleased to have found this group!  Have any of you suffered with inumerable kidney stones and then found out you had undiagnosed primary parathyroid hyperplasia?  I have had multiple fractures in my thirties and osteoporosis diagnosed when I was 33 which told the pjysicians to check parathyroid.  No one did.. i WAS 53 WHEN, AFTER BEING BLACKBALLED FROM HOSPITALS AND IN INDESCRIBABLY HORRIBLE PAIN i LOOKED UP ALL MY HEALTH PROBLEMS AND IT KEPT COMING UP HYPERPARATHYROID DISEASE.  tHE DOCTORS IN MY AREA SAID i DID NOT HVE IT SO SINCE i HAD 15 PLUS STONE EXTRACTIONS FROM MY PANCREAS AND HAD A GOOD DOCTOR ABOUT 400 MILES AWAY DOING THOSE HE RE CHECKED AND ALL OF MY PARATHYROIDS WERE BAD/OVERACTIVEi AM NO LOINGER PSYCHOTIC BUT CANNOT GET HELP.  WHAT WOULD ANYONE SUGGEST?  i HAVE HAD MULTIPLE FX, MY TEETH BEGAN BREAKING OFF IN MY MOUTH EATING SOFT FOODS WHEEN i WAS 24  I NOW HAVE DENTURES, I'VE LOST SO MUCH...the worst thing to lose is your self esteem It is so gone.....help?
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