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Menstrual Problems

Okay well this all started October 1, 2007 I started my period, and it was pretty normal to the months before, until I was on Ortho Novum 7-7-7 at the time. I stopped on October 7 which was normal I varied 3-7days a month. Well on the 12th I started again it wasn’t really heavy but I was passing blood clots the size of a half dollar and the bleeding and the clotting didn’t stop until November 3, 2007. I went to the obgyn and she changed me to Level 28. Well everything went back to normal. May 7, 2008 I started my period with tons of clotting varying in size from a quarter to a half dollar and I didn’t stop until June 12th and started again on the 14th that whole time it was heavy and lots of clotting. Well around the 16th I started to have pains in my right lower abdomen area it was consistent and not going away. I went to a different doctor this time for person reasons, and they scheduled me a ultrasound, that came back normal, I had tons of lab work done and everything came back normal, well it was mid-July and I was still bleeding from June, it wasn’t always heavy but I was still bleeding. At the end of July my new obgyn put me on the shot, I was excited for that because I was hoping to be one of the women whose periods stopped. Well unfortunately I wasn’t, August rolled around and I was still bleeding, so I was squeezed in for a cat scan at the end of the August which came back normal. Well today September 13, 2008 I am still bleeding still clotting, and haven’t had a “day off” so I am getting pretty frustrated, and stressing out because I just want to stop bleeding for one day (that would be so nice) well I went to the bathroom and when I went to wipe I noticed that the color had changed from a red from this morning, to a black color that looked like clay. So if anyone can help me please give me some advice.
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Although the majority of adolescents with abnormal bleeding have anovulation due to age, dysfunctional uterine bleeding should be ruled out. Was there a complete blood count done recently? It is important to rule out anemia and thrombocytopenia or decreased platelet count with your continuing blood loss. The presence of black color discharge may indicate  blood that had not been expelled for a long time.

Any trauma, infection, or neoplasm,  vaginal trauma or a foreign body, endocrine problems such as  thyroid dysfunction or hyperprolactinemia, may cause bleeding. Ovarian estrogen-producing tumors and coagulation disorders need to be excluded in the adolescent with very heavy persistent bleeding also.

Many adolescents with abnormal uterine bleeding are treated empirically with hormonal contraceptives. However, if it is not effective, further evaluation needs to be done. It would be best to see your doctor and be referred to a gynecologist.

Take care and keep us posted.

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