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Misdiagnosed Kidney Infection?

29 year old male 
147 lbs 

My symptoms started in December. I had swollen neck lymph nodes, night sweats and chills. Doctor wasn't concerned about cancer but did a neck CT scan which came back good. WBC was a little elevated, so we did a Mono and HIV test. All good. 

February comes around and I have same symptoms. Now I have a rapid heart beat and flushing. Diagnosed as sinus tachycardia. In the mean time, we do a few other tests for other odd diseases/cancers. 

March I begin to lose weight (I was 157 lbs.) Notice dark stools. Positive occult blood. I see a gastroenterologist and found only a small peptic ulcer. Then I begin urinating a little more. Have flank pains/bubbly urine. See a nephrologist and he says my kidneys are fine. 

I then get a fully rheumatology work up. All good. Still flank pains and now cloudy urine. See a urologist and get a cystoscope. All good. See another nephrologist in June / July, says everything is fine with my kidneys. Some of my urinalysis show mucus in urine. He says that's normal, but I don't think so. My urine is very yellow/cloudy. 

Now I have pretty bad symptoms: nausau, headache, dry skin, skinny, can't quit moving my feet, tremors, dry skin, lethargy, fatigue, muscle twitching, nocturia, muscle cramps, big stools, visual disturbances, dizziness etc. 

Could I have a bad kidney infection and uremia, but it has alluded lab tests? I know Ccr can be deceiving with low muscle mass, and BUN can sometimes be deceptively low in similar situations. I feel like a terminally ill person and doctors can't find anything wrong with me. Am I screwed?
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Hi There,
Did you ever get a diagnosis to your symptoms?  I am experiencing the same and now have slightly elevated creatinine levels.  I also have an enlarged appendix which will be taken out in the next month.
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Hey there,
I will tell you the same thing I wrote in another post... If you take any medications, make sure you aren't having adverse effects. Second look at your food, and maybe play around with different diets to see if it helps resolve some symptoms. Lastly, your gut is the biggest factor in keeping your immune system healthy, so take a probiotic if you aren't already. Also make sure you are drinking enough water. Hope this helps..
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