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Muscle spasms and pain - A rare or undiagnosed disease?

I an a 53 year old male. I have been having muscle spasms, pain and vibration type sensations in different parts of my body for about six months now. The persistent problem travels from both sides of my chest. lower and upper back, spine, sternum, neck, arms, legs and feet. The apparent spasms, excruciating pain and vibrations travel from one part of my body to another throughout the day without any rhyme or reason. When the apparent spasms and pain move to my middle chest, it hurts to talk with extreme discomfort in the middle of my sternum. I will often fall asleep in pain only to awake and find that the above symptoms have all but disappeared. Within five to ten minutes of waking, the symptoms start all over again. Some days are much worse than others. I have a gallbladder full of stones and occasional gallbladder attacks. I suffer from spasmodic torticollis which is a dystonia of the neck muscles. I was on high dose MS Contin (540 mg's per day) for over twenty years for the dystonia which I was able to kick about twelve months ago. I've had extensive blood workups, CT scans, an endoscopy, a nuclear bone scan and a myriad of other tests that all have come up negative.  The Internal Medicine specialist said I have Fibromyalgia. He trialed me on a few muscle relaxants including Baclofen and Zanaflex with no noticeable difference. Is this a possible neurological disease? PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) related from long term opiate use? Gallbladder related even though the muscle problems are on both sides of my body? Any ideas would be of great help.
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