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Mystery Illness

My husband has been suffering from a mystery illness for over a month now. We have been to three different hospitals, he has had numerous blood work done, an overnight hospital stay, at least 6 different x-rays, one live x-ray, a CT scan, an ultrasound, and an endoscopic procedure. He is now spitting up and pooping blood (not a lot but still...), he has severe abdominal pain, severe chest pain, trouble breathing, extreme fatigue, he can't even lift our own child anymore (10 month old).

No matter what we say the tests don't show anything really at all the endoscopic today just says mild esophogitis, while other ER docs think maybe Gastroenteritis, or gastritis, one said maybe ulcers...

Has anyone else had this happen and how did your spouse cope with the constant ER visits (every other day), not to mention doctor visits, specialist visits, procedures, finances, work, kids and anything else (and trust me I have a ton on my plate without the stupid mystery illness).

We need help as the doctors seem to be capable of deciding to figure out what in the heck is wrong.
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