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Mystery Symptoms

Hello, I'm a 35 yr old mother of 1 toddler. Happily married. Have always had a murmur, palpitations since teens.  Past 7 years, have had episodes of racing heart or "more complicated" palpitations.  Seems worse around menses. Had no major complaints until 1 year ago.  I've had a mix of Sx's the past year- began w/ feeling sluggish. Followed w/ myriad of Sx's which overlap and come and go:  Episodes of racing heart (170 bpm) at rest relieved with vagus nerve stimulus. Before an episode, would feel an adrenaline rush, afterward would have to empty bladder several times & have terrible chills. Unexplained weight loss, then weeks later loss of appetite, extreme exhaustion, mild hair loss, insomnia, lowered bp but still normal, night sweats, numb feelings that moved all over body, differing palpitations, SOB, lungs would quickly inhale & exhale automatically but much faster than I can do intentionally, numb chin, mild lower abd muscle contract's similar to hyperventilation sx's, dizzy, excessive forgetfulness & confusion, full "watery" feeling in upper-mid abdomen, when lying flat (and taking shorter breaths) I believe the alveoli in my lower lobes collapse, when I take a deep breath I can feel wheezing as they open, dull to sharp intermit CP, hard to get satisfying breath (as if breathing thin air), HA top of neck/base of head, near syncope, fatty food causes pounding heart. Have had several heart monitors which showed nothing of concern to docs, echo was neg, cxr shows normal heart size, brain ct normal, ekgs normal except right bundle branch block (normal for a lot of women?), blood work- slightly low potassium, slightly elevated WBC, normal tsh, neg for anemia, normal b vitamins and iron, once showed elevated d-dimer but chest ct was neg for PE. Began taking vitamin B12 & B6 as suggested by nutritionist which surprisingly gradually relieved most sx's within 2 months except exhaustion. EP study showed Afib, but I never had it before or after ep study. No meds except b vitamins. Emotionally, I've been through the ringer with this.  Not ready to die, want more babies, have much more living to do. Positive outlook.
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