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Need help with memory problems?

Hello, I am wondering if anybody has a suggestion of medications that work to help with memory problems associated with SCT that will not cause more memory problems or possible brain damage with long term use? The reason that I have a fear of more memory damage or brain damage from certain meds is that while searching for medications to help with memory I have come across information that certain medications like aderall and others can actually cause memory damage with long term use, plus I already have memory problems due to SCT, long term uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, but is now controlled with insulin, major depression which is being treated with citalopram, hypothyroidism which is being treated with levothyroxin and long term untreated ADD or what I believe is SCT because I fit those symptoms to a T and I have always had problems with memory retrieval. I really need something to help because I am planning on going to college for bioengineering and I want to be able to successfully store and retrieve  the information  that I learn instead of forgetting the information after some time of not constantly using the information. My doctor has prescribed to me provigil to relieve the feeling of constantly feeling tired and sleepy, but I am not sure it will help with memory retention and memory retrieval, so I was looking to also add something else to stabilize my memory. Please help I am desperate? I have tried ritalin, but I felt like a Zombie and I lost track of time to easy while on that, it also didn't help my memory retention or recall at all.
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  Please explain SCT?
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It is Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, but psychologists and such refuse to consider it a seperate problem from ADD and will not put it in a class of its own in the DSM. At one time it was going to be studied with a certain class of medications, but pharmacuetical companies pulled out on the researcher because they felt the condition was so rare that they could not make a profit and that is why it is consdered a side neffect of ADD. It keeps being treated with ADD/ADHD meds and is not helpful to the person that suffers because SCT causes severe memory issues unlike ADD/ADHD.
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  Oh I have never heard of this....have u looked into the clinical studies for SCT....there may be a Dr that is researching a connection or separation of these conditions,

I found it difficult to find a Dr well informed on my condition but after more research I did find one and now a few yrs later I am finding more each day....

Do not be discouraged and keep searching I am sure u will find one that can help.
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