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On Maturing with Spondylosis, Harrington Rod Implant and Scoliosis

It is an amazing experience to read from others with decades old Harrington Rod implants, like myself, experiencing what I now am. The stiff flat back, the awkward walk leaning perpetually forward, the difficulty in picking up even a book. I, too can bend all the way over and place my hands on the floor but simply turning to look at someone... is not happening for me!
The hardest part isn't the pain, I have learned to live with that, the hardest part is the fear of progression of  freezing up, stiffness, and total inability to do simple things. Like swallowing for instance: lately I feel that my neck vertebra may be slipping into my body and there is a constriction & stiffness there affecting my swallowing and my neck mobility.
I work very hard to continue to do yoga to strengthen my core muscles that hold up my body...I also realize pain is much worse if I gain even a few pounds. I try to avoid sitting for too long as that causes terrible pain, even driving, so I ride (my bike) and I walk a lot.  (I've even moved to Vietnam where I can bike to the school I teach at!). I still have scars from where the Milwaukee brace choked me for those three hot, south FLA. years so long ago and my hip hurts where the body cast squeezed it for nine of the longest months in my life! I guess the experience made me who I am today in many ways. My scoliosis was corrected from 62 degrees total (a bilateral S curve) to a 42 degree curve with a rod. It goes from between my shoulders to mid-back, about a foot or so. Dr. Schufflebarger in Miami Children's Hospital did my surgury in 1977. My breathing was and is compromised by the curvature. I guess if I had a question it's:  Could my throat close up due to spondylosis or degenerative bone loss at the cervical spine?  
Keep Moving, Everybody!
supportively, "Scew" Hutton from Boca!
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