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Panic Attacks/Anxiety

I am a healthy 26 year old man, family does not have any heart problems. I was diagnosed with panic attacks after a trip to the ER when I had chest pains. I've had my chest x-rayed, blood work, and other works that ruled out any heart problems. I've recently made a big move to another State and I've had a second trip to the ER. I woke up with a out-of-nowhere onset of fear, numbness in both legs and arms and neck, weakness in legs, trembling, an out-of-body experience, racing heart, dry mouth, trouble breathing, and a racing mind. They also ruled out any heart problems after giving me the usual blood work, chest x-ray. I am having trouble sleeping and am in constant fear of my next attack (this happens mostly at night when I am going to bed, and when I have free time to worry about things). These attacks are just something that I've never felt before, I know my usual panic attack symptoms, but ever since the move I've been getting new symptoms (like numbness, dizziness, dry mouth, confusion). Doctors rules out anything heart related. I am also thinking it might be insect bites or other factors besides panic attacks. Any way to go on and find certain profession help that may put my mind at east? Thanx!
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yup....ask for a heavy metal toxicity test ....environmental allergies affecting many ...caused by chem trails ...do some research...check out 'What on earth are they Spraying:
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