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Parasite Infection? Autoimmune disease?

I am a 35 year old female, live in the bay area.

I have had diarrhea for almost two years. Throw up most mornings and randomly through out the day for about a year. I either have no appetite, or cant seem to ever feel full, mostly no appetite. I am always tired and feeling depressed.

About two years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and diabetes about five months ago. 6 months ago I had my first attack. I woke up and with in 10 min had hives all over my forearms. I took Benadryl and it went away. The next day I woke up....again about 10 min later I had hives on my forearms...with in 15 min of waking up the hives spread to my chest and I started wheezing. Again took Benadryl and it went away. Morning three I woke up...same thing but worse. Hives all over my arms, neck, face and chest. My lips, eyes and cheeks swelled. So off the ER. They had no idea what was wrong, pumped me full of steroids, Benadryl and zantac. I was better with in an hour. The following day I was fine, still taking the steroid pills given to me in ER. All was well after that.

Three weeks ago today. I woke up hands started to itch, bumps started on my forearms and then with in 5 min of being awake hives were ALL over my arms, chest, neck, face, and belly. Swollen face. I started feeling like I had something in my throat and my chest was tight. I started getting dizzy so went straight to the ER. Same thing. The next day I was fine, the third day I broke out again. This has been happening to me now for three weeks. Every morning I wake up, hands start to itch....hives ALL over my body and getting worse. Now it spreads to my groin area upper thighs, behind my knees...pretty much all over. I went to the ER 7 times in the past three weeks, they pretty much know me by first name over there and are all baffled as to what's wrong with me. I now take Benadryl, zertec, and Claritin EVERYDAY. It just seems to get worse by the day, yesterday I woke up and my jaws were swollen. This morning, same thing BUT WORSE.

NOTHING is helping. I looked up parasites after watch a DR OZ that showed a woman that was infected with parasites and did not know it. She had the same symptoms I do. She got them from eating tainted meat from a local restaurant. Scary to think most of the meat we eat here in the US has been shipped from other countries. I love sushi and eating out......scary! Also I have two cats and a dog that sleep with me at night....I have found research that states we humans can get parasites from our cats and dogs.... Very Scary!!! I have almost all the symptoms listed on this web sire I found. https://humaworm.com/symptoms.html

It (the rash/hives) seem to be getting immune to Benadryl. I have to take more and more each day and it seems to just get worse everyday. I now have to use my inhaler every morning with in 10 min of getting up or I cant breath.

I think it may be Autoimmune disease or parasites. I am running a huge panel of blood tests requested by my DR this week and go back to see him and look over the results on the 18th. My doctor thinks it is my thyroid. I will keep everyone posted as to what is found out. I hope this helps someone going through the same thing.  

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  Hi.....I hear u have been to the ER numerous times, but have not heard that u were referred to a specialist...or what ur PCP felt was going on.

The ER is to take care  of the immediate situation and send u off for more evaluation....have u been to neone else?
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I had no insurance and it costs a LOT to run blood tests and see a DR. I just got minimal insurance through the state so was finally able to see a DR. :):)   My blood test apt is tomorrow and I see the DR again in a week to go over the results. He's testing me for Thyroid problems, Lumpus and a bunch of stuff I did not understand.

My hives have been pretty much gone for about 4 days. But three days ago I woke up in the night to HORRIBLE pain in my back (by my kidneys) and massive cramps in my entire stomach. Diarrhea is 10 times worse with in the last week, I have NO appetite! When I force myself to eat, I throw up the non-digested food at least once a day with in a few hours. My stomach is bloated three times the size it normally is!! I'm sticking to broth now.... I keeping having hot flashes and feel super dizzy. Oh, also I have been bleeding (menstrual) for over a month. I have always been regular but got my tubes ties two years ago......ANYONE have any ideas? WTF is wrong with me??? The DR really does not seem knowledgeable....I'm screwed!  

I will post my 'results' after seeing the DR next week. Wish me luck!

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  Glad to hear u got INS now, and will get to a Dr as that is the only way this will get sorted out.....

U should not be bleeding that long, u may want to go to the ER with that issue.....

WIth that much bleeding being dizzy and hot flashes could be due to what u r losing with the blood loss.....

Try and be seen sooner then later,
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