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Persistant Symptoms with no answers!

Since last spring I have had a wide range of body changes/ symptoms. I'm a 27 yr male, smoker but healthy conscious otherwise.

My body temp has went from a 98.6 ( my entire life ) to a constant 97.0 to 97.6.
Stomach issues such as pain, constipation/ loose stool back and forth.
Random deep pains ( possibly from bones ) all over body.
Hoarse Voice/ loss of voice
Achey Joints
Achey muscles
Quite tired all the time Regaurdless of rest.
My skin is dry all over, wierd stinging sensations and or itching, if I go into a hot room I feel like I'm getting stung by bees all over. Skin is red after shower, blotchy in places. Excessive new acne on back and upper arms.
Had issues with constant sore throat, severe swollen tonsils. Ended up having tonsils removed.
Throat still swells from side to side. Mouth sores come and go.
Pains that shoot from throat to ears.
For some reason I just started getting pretty severe anxiety ( which is not the cause of
Other symptoms it came after) slight depression.
Sinus issues, possible infection.
Ringing in ears sometimes a buzzing sound.
Vision issues, blurry/ eye floaters.

There are other symptoms that come and go, but these are the most frequent.

Had some common blood work done showed no issues, but prob need extensive tests done.

The docs I have seen don't really seem to think its a big deal, which it is almost debilitating... And I'm normally not one to be brought down by discomfort.

It all seemed to start 8 months ago, with a really bad sore throat. Which I battled for a couple of months. Then during the summer I became very sick 103+ temp
Vomiting, cold sweats the whole nine yards. I went thru several courses of antibotics, which would make me
Feel better only for the same sickness to come back within days of finishing them. It was decided by my ENT to have my tonsils removed even with my age. I felt better for several weeks, then all the symptoms above started. I haven't really ran a fever since, but have had a abnormally low temp
Consistently since. I do recall the itchy/ stingy skin happening right as I got the sore throat.
Not sure if any of this helps but figured I would mention it.

I have no idea where to start to get to the bottom of this, I've had several docs tell me
It's anxiety, which I know 100% sure it's not. Granted I have it now but that would be common after being sick for 8 months.

Please help thanks!

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I understand your concern regarding the symptoms that you mentioned. It is good that initial evaluation and diagnostic tests were okay. However, if the symptoms persist, it is best that you check with your ENT for follow-up. Additional diagnostic tests may need to be done also. Anxiety may be present but this usually is managed with medications that are usually prescribed. Take care and do keep us posted.
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