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Possible IBS ?

i get this pain on my right side like right next to my bellybutton , kidney & gallstones where ruled out i had an ultrasound well 2 & a pelvic ultrasound i mostly get this pain when im constipated! i struggle with constipation last time i woke up with diarreah out of nowhere & later that night i was contipated again ;the pain comes & goes & latley i have been feeling pain on my left side but most of the time is right side , last time after dinner i felt dizzy put of no where for like 4 seconds & was really gassy after ! feeling like i was gonna get loose stools ,i also expirience nausea here & there ; i havent lost my appetite , my back hurts so much too its ridiculous , or i expirinence bellybutton pain when im super constipated , or i also get chest pain my breast hurts like it feels like really bad trapped gas , i also expirience pain under bellybutton like where  the anus is located , i sometimes get pain on my appendix area & i worry last time i was constipated trying to have a bowlment & only gas came out with mucus ! can this be maybe ibs or appendix attacks ? (chronic appendicities)  I Also Have Pelvic Pain & Pressure ; I Had An Ovarian Cyst Rupture On February I Developed Anxiety & Depression Due To That Trauma & Ever Since That Day I Can't Seem To Be Myself Again The Pain Is NOT Severe Or Acute It's Chronic , I Struggle A lot To Go #2 last Time I Thought I Had Constipation & I Took Hours In The Bathroom & I Ending Up Having Diarreah ! I've Had Abdomen Ultrasounds & Everything Came Out Perfect & I Had Blood Test For Thiroid & Anemia Everything Was Normal ! (& I Feel Presuure On My Butthole) Emberrising I Know Sorry :(
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Sorry you are having so much trouble.  As I suffer from similar problems, I can share.

I suggest avoiding dairy.  Take magnesium citrate tablets 500 mg every morning.  For times when you need to get movement started, you can use a glycerin suppository.  Avoid using ExLax often, but it is okay to use about 2-3 times a year.  If used too often it causes problems that will show up when you have a colonoscopy.  

You can try taking Metamucil every day, and you have a choice of mixing the powder with a glass of water or taking about 5 capsules with a glass of water.  The water is very important!  There is no guarantee this will work; you must decide whether it gives you comfortable movements or instead causes movements that are so large they can't pass.  It depends on your anatomy.

You could take aloe vera juice and see if that helps. Eating an apple a day is helpful for most.  You have to chew your food; you may have a spot in your digestive tract that is small, and your food has to be ground small to pass through.  Eat vegetables as they are the best kind of fiber, but chew throughly.  You may find eating prunes or drinking prune juice works.  

If these tips don't bring you complete relief, then write to me.  There are many things to try.  It is very important you don't allow this pressure to continue as it will cause nerve damage in your digestive tract.  If these things don't work, you definitely should see a gastroenterologist.  

It turned out I had Celiac disease but all the constipation from some other problem (the endoscopist could not get the scope through a tight twist, so nobody can see the problem area unless I have a CT scan), hid this very important condition that is supposed to cause diarrhea.  

Please don't be embarrassed.  Everybody has something that doesn't work right, and it is okay that your problem is in your lower digestion.  It is not your fault, but you may be able to regulate this with diet and supplements and tricks I know.  One trick I know that works for me is working outside, doing manual labor, lifting and bending, and also yoga / Pilates moves.  
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Male or female? I am possibly guessing female, and yes this is medically relevant.
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Nevermind I saw the Ovarian Cyst part, sorry can't help.  I will take a jab though, you may be with child.
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Did you miss the part where she had pelvic ultrasounds?  No, she's not pregnant.  
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