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Purple spotted feet

My feet turn purple and blood seems to kind of "pool" in my feet when I sit or stand. They are always purple, but it almost goes away when I elevate my legs. Within the past month or so, it has gotten to the point where it goes all the way up my leg, but more so in my feet. My legs get these purple spots. This is both feet and legs.This is below the skin. It's not uprisen. It does not itch or anything. They also have been swelling lately (mainly at my ankles). I've been to the doctor and all of my blood work came back normal. He sent me to a vascular surgeon who ruled out venous insufficiency and blood clots. The vascular surgeon sent me to another vascular surgeon because he wasn't sure what it was.That vascular surgeon ruled out vascular issues and told me to go back to my primary doctor. My primary doctor wants me to go to a Dermatologist. The soonest I could get an appointment is a month from now.It's driving me crazy not knowing what's going on. My doctor seems lost. He said he doesn't know, but "we'll eventually get it figured out". I worry about it being something urgent. I have normal blood pressure and I'm not overweight. I don't smoke and never have. I've had this for a couple of years, but the symptoms are changing quickly (swelling, going all the way up my leg instead of just my feet, achey legs and feet and sometimes twitching). If someone could please give my an idea of what this could be, that would be great! I'm worried it could be something serious.
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Thank you. I'll look into that.
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Hi....I am sorry I do not know, but have u looked in to it being in the Dysautonomia family of conditions?

There is a forum for it here on MedHelp.

I am sure they may be able to answer ur questions there.

Good Luck
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