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Rare disease? Here are all my symptoms.

About 2 years ago, (and this is the third time in my life) I gained a significant amount of weight in a short span of time, about 8 months.  It happens in spurts, and I was working an extremely physical job, so exercise and food are out of the question.  Besides, this has happened twice before.

Since then, I have intolerence to heat, slightly high blood pressure, borderline diabetes (used to be hypoglycemic, they say I'm not anymore!), dizzy spells, hypothyroidism, rapid heart rate, (on three occasions, I had to go to the emergency room, and was "throwing PVC's, pulse was 162 and climbing), RLS so bad that I've had to double meds in the last few weeks, "stiff heart," and my heart doesn't stay in "relaxed" mode long enough, water retention, thrush under my breasts and in the creases of my upper legs, a "tracer" in my blood work that suggested cancer in which they did two MRI's of the obdomen (that's where they said it was at, I don't know how they would know), gastroparesis, esophogeal stricture, closing of the esophogus, which they had to go in and expand, EXTREME exhaustion, EXTREME depression that doesn't respond to medications (or shock therapy).

All any of the MANY doctor's I've went to have done is check my thyroid levels over and over and over, done an MRI of my abdomen, checked cortisol levels, done blood work, urine tests, a steriod infusion test, a biopsy of my liver, where they thought the "cancer" tracer was coming from, a complete heart exam, including all the tests, an endoscopy of my throat and stomach, and THEN PASSED THE BUCK.

I have been to a ton of endocrinologists, who don't know anything, and a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, a psychiatrist, and my family doctor.  I'm beginning to think I'm becoming a hypochondriac, but everything is REAL, and I don't think I'm going to the right kind of doctors.

Oh, yes, and I also get "thrush" under my breasts and in the creases at the upper part of my leg, by my groin area.  And I'm starting to have water retention.

I don't know what to do anymore as this has left me totally disabled, and I'm not losing a pound, and the symptoms are just piling up.

Can anyone help or does anyone have any suggestions?  I live in Colorado.

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You may want to try a Naturopath.  They would likely start by treating you for an overgrowth of yeast and can then treat your other issues by looking at it in a whole body way.  Good luck.
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Have they checked your b12/folate levels?
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