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Just would like to talk to someone who has been diagnoised with this ...I have sarcoid
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I have Sarcoidosis, too. Happy to talk about it.
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I have sarcoid too.  Just learned I have it.
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I've had Sarcoid for 3.5 years now, just turned 21, and I'm a white female. My Sarcoidosis is stable at the moment; I first started having symptoms at the end of '05 when Katrina [hurricane] hit. I had it in my left eye and later found out it was in both of my kidneys, making the kidneys only half-work. After a good year or so of being on corticosteroid drops and prednisone, it finally subsided. Now I have been told it's just kinda there, doing nothing right now. I never had any skin conditions or had it in my lungs, which seems to be the most common.

Could everyone give their age too if you don't mind? And where they have it? It's s'posed to be more common in 20-30 year old african-american females.
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I just thought I would mention that there is a research protocol that apparently has been curing people who have sarcoidosis. Dr. Trevor Marshall successfully treated his own sarcoidosis with the Marshall Protocol. You can find information about this research (although I believe the medications are not research) protocol online.

My best to all of you. I was on the Marshall Protocol for CFS and had success. I recently switched to Jernigan's protocol.

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I was diagnoised in early 78', pregnant with my second child...I had chest pain and from an x-ray and then a neck biopsy the sarcoid was found....(I had been under a lot of stress at this time ) I am a white , small frame female and at the time of this I was 21....I took a large amount of steroids and then all symptoms left..I have not had another bout with this...so, I'm now 51 and just curious about others with sarcoid.  I also have been diagnoised with Touretts ( just some small tics) and I have dermatitis on my hands and feet that some Dr's say is sarciod but others say is not so I do not treat this with steroids unless it becomes severe and nothing else will work...
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My mother got sarcoid when she was living in Western Washington.  She was put on prednisone for years and it really caused her a lot of side effects. She was on that for 15 years.

Then she moved from Western WA down to Utah where she lived for 8 years.  After she moved to Utah the sarcoid went into remission and she was able to get off the prednisone.

I spoke to Dr. David Buscher, MD in Bellevue,WA who is a specialist in environmental medicine.  He said he had several patients with sarcoid and found that when they moved to an area that did not have evergreen trees, they got better.  This seems to have been true in my mother's case.

When she moved back to Washington State, she stayed on the east side of the state where there are very few evergreen trees and she has not had a flare up at all of the sarcoid.
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