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Sick and shaky after 5 minute workout.

Well first let me start off by saying i am a 22 year old male who does not have the best eating habits but my eating habits aren't the worse either. For the last 4 years ive noticed when i work out i am very  overcome by nuesea and i feel shaky in my arms and legs. This occurs even after a 5 minute workout. After sitting and relaxing i feel better in about 30 minutes. Ive recently came across hyperthyroidism while on google and i am not trying to self diagnose but i filled out the checklist and i have just about every symptom but hair thinning. My resting pulse is at about 85-90 and i am a constantly anxious person to the point to where my sleep suffers hugely. Even when i am well rested i cant get a grasp on this. My dad has a history of atrial flutter but no history of hyperthyroidism although we both share diagnosed ADHD and anxiety. Last time i worked out my pulse got up to 187 after a mile run. What is your opinion and should i be so worried?
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Hello cheapshotyouth,

I suggest you to take a break from the exercise schedule. Relax and meditate. It is unlikely that you have any kind of pathological manifestations. Just chill and enjoy life to its best. Allay anxiety and start thinking the world from a wider view. Iam sure that would be of great help to you.

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Adrenal Fatigue...check it out....usually combined with thyroid challenges as well.
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