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Sick looking skin & twisted hairs

I am male, 30 years old and really hope someone has an advice for me.
I have already been to a dermatologist and he couldn't help me.

I have been noticing for the past 2 years that my forearms are full of ingrown
hairs. I never had this before! No matter how much I try to remove dead skin with a wet towel or rub my skin under water it doesn't help. My dermatologist had no explanation for this and also didn't take it seriously.

And I also have really really dry and wrinkly skin especially on the inner side of
my arms. It looks awful. My grandmother had skin like this in her 80ies and I am only 30!  What can cause such a weird looking skin? It's definitely not too much water. I do not shower very often and other than that the skin never gets in contact with any water! But then why is it so shockingly dry and wrinkly?

I am absolutely sure that something's wrong with me but I don't know what.

Besides the ingrown hair, the wrinkly,dry skin I also have really sick looking hairs on my head which are increasing in number. These hairs are totally twisted and look sick. They are twisted like a corkscrew. I also showed this to a dermatologist and he also had no idea.

Any suggestions?


I took some shots. 1+2 show the dry skin on the upper arms and 3+4 show the ingrown hairs on the forearms.
I can't take pics of the hairs though because you simply don't see single hairs on a photo.
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How are you? What other symptoms are present? Dry skin and hair  is a  common issue and may occur more often in the winter when cold air outside and heated air inside cause low humidity. If there is history of other skin issues like eczema, this could also be contributing. This may also apply to the hair when it is dry and lack moisture. Keeping your hair and skin moisturized and drinking plenty of fluids may help. If it persists, you may need to seek another dermatologist's opinion may also help. Direct clinical examination is important. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Hello Dr Santos,

I have been having this coarse hair issue for years now. It has definitely gotten worse! I have already been to a dermatologist and told him that I am concerned about deficiencies or some kind of systemic issue because I looked at a book with hair disorders and found a condition called pili torti and somehow the pictures of patients with pili torti reminded me a little bit of how my own sick hairs look like. I asked the dermatologist especially about pili torti and he simply said I don't have this and that nothing can be done against my twisted hairs. He didn't even look at my scalp or my hair with a magnifying glass. I was very disappointed.
I also showed him my wrinkly and dry skin and he also didn't say much about it. This also is not a temporary issue. I have this all the time. In my face the skin is oily but on the rest of the body it's very dry.
And what I also notice is that my skin lacks tone. I mean especially in the face the skin looks saggy and I have a double chin even though I'm not obese. I have a scar in my cheek from a mole removal 10 years ago. The same scar is now at least 1 inch lower than where it used to be 10 years ago. I am 30 years old now. This also seems strange to me.
What if this is a collagen disorder? My skin is pretty stretchy. I have also shown this to a dermatologist and pulled off the skin of my arm to show him what I am talking about and he said it's still in the "normal range" but I can definitely pull of my skin more than normal people. I'm not happy with my skin especially in the face. It simply doesn't seem to be as attached to the underlying tissue as it is in other people. I did a few tests on my girlfriend and I wasn't able to pull off the skin on her. Her skin felt totally different than my skin.
I also asked my intern if I should get a gene test for collagen disorders and he told me not to cause this wouldn't change anything. He told me to get a heart ultrasound and an ultrasound of the major blood vessels which was all normal. But when you have that many things wrong with you then you automatically become very worried. And when I now see that my hair looks so sick I also worry and ask myself what could this be? What if it's also something rare and nobody knows what it is?
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