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Stones and cysts and polyps

I have salivary stones, kidney stones, a gallstone, gall stone polyps, a calcification on my hip, small calcified bump on tip of one of my fingers , 2 cysts on testicles.

I have chronic stomach and back pains, joint pains, no energy and feel like a hypochondriac when i go to doctors because besides stones, growths, polyps etc I am in perfect shape besides triglycerides a bit high.

I have anxiety and depression issues.

Please help why do i have all these stones and stuff everywhere?
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How are you? The formation of stones may be influenced by your diet. A diet high in sodium, fats, meat, and sugar, and low in fiber, vegetable protein, and unrefined carbohydrates increases the risk for kidney stones. products of animal protein and who consume large amounts of meat. Also, high doses of vitamin C can also increase the risk for kidney stones. Oxalate is found in berries, nuts, chocolate, strong tea and vegetables such as green beans, beets, spinach, squash, tomatoes. Take care and best regards.

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