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I have the Thalasemia trait and lately I have been feeling very tired, light headed, bloated and even forgetful. How do we know what kind of Thalasemia I have?

I just had lab work done at my doctor my AST (SGOT) 52 and ALT (SPGT) 32 compared to last year it was AST(SGOT) 26 and ALT (SGPT) 11.

Should I be concered, and in my urine my Bilirubin was abnormal but in my blood results my Bilirubin was 0.4

I am 41 years old I have 3 children and really want to learn more about this trait so that I can educate my children about it for their understanding.. Luckily my children do not have this trait they pull more on the daddy's side the funny thing is that they are the same blood type as my husband A+, I'm the only one that is O blood type.

Any response on my inquiry will be greatly appreciated.
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How are you? Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin and results in excessive destruction of red blood cells. There are many forms of thalassemia and each type has many different subtypes. The two main types of thalassemia are alpha thalassemia  and beta thalassemia. Both  alpha and beta thalassemia include two forms: thalassemia major and thalassemia minor. Thalassemia major occurs when you inherit defective genes from both parents while thalassemia minor occurs if you receive the defective gene from only one parent. Untreated, thalassemia major leads to heart failure and liver problems, and makes a person more likely to develop infections.It is best that you discuss the type of thalassemia that you have with your doctor for proper management. Additional tests like mutational analysis may need to be done.  Also, discuss the results of your blood tests for proper correlation with your type of thalassemia.  This link may be helpful: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001613/
Take care and best regards.
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Thank you Dr Rowena,

I did see my doctor again, he did some additional test on my increased numbers on my AGT and ALT. He did find some abnormal results on my liver. He scheduled me to have an ultrasound on my abdomen to check on my gall bladder. I'm also doing a fecal blood test on my bowels I guess he wants to make sure that my ulcers are not bleeding.

Do you think that I should suggest a mutational test performed as well?

Looking forward to your response, Have a nice day:)

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I have a 15 yr old girl that has had this disease since birth they have did all kind of test and still i have no answers as too what type it is . It has been 15 yrs and she still has to go to the doctor for this ! Can you give me any advice what to do ? they have done an alpha and beta test know they are sending her to a genetics doctor I am determined to find out something for my daughter!!
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