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My mother is in her early 40's. About 10 years ago she was admitted to the hospital for the first time for what the dr's said was a stroke. Throughout the years shes been in and out and back and forth to different doctors and hospitals for this. They were saying stroke then changed it from full strokes to TIA's. When she has these spells her left side of her mouth sags she gets blurred vision in her left eye the left side of her body gets weak or goes numb. The last 3 weeks she has had 2 more big spills. She was sent to the er by ambulance 3 mondays ago with same symptoms only this time she was stuttering. They kept her for a few days all tests came back normal and sent her home. She went back in last Wednesday and was admitted to the ICU then moved to PCU. She is now in a rehabilitation Center. Both of these last two times have resulted in her stuttering only this time a week later she is still stuttering. Shes getting some strength back but unable to walk because she is losing her balance. Her vision has been tested in her eyes and her left eye is horrible. The doctor she is seeing now is saying she is having seizures not strokes. and that the stuttering is do to stress not these episodes. I am just scared for her to continue to have them because the side effects are obviously getting worse. I dont know where to turn or what to do to get her the right treatment.
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Try the link below for information.  If having problems go to Washington Health Center website.  search TIA and stroke.  This hospital provides excellent and up to date info on so many things.  My mother only had one several years ago.  It is possible that the TIA had something to do with her current health issues. Hope this helps some.  I may have more info, if I do I will gladly send to you.  Don't give up.

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