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Undiagnosed Symptoms wont go away

I am a very healthy 28 year old male that eats well and plays soccer and is outdoors almost every day.  About 6 months ago I started feeling some discomfort in my right ear like a nagging pressure that wouldn't go away.  I played it off for a while but then my eye started to become irritated and my right nostril became constantly clogged.  I went to an ENT to have some testing done, pressure, vision, and everything and it all came back normal.  The doctor did use fiber optics to look up my nose and found a bone spur along with a deviated septum and told me that all my symptoms are most likely related to to this and to just hold off for a while and see if it would get better.

Well it never got better and I started feeling foggy on the right side of my head throughout the day and it was really driving me nuts.  They ordered an MRI, blood testing, and a GI upper with barium swallow because I was getting food caught in my throat along with heartburn.  I've been taking Prilosec since then and the problem has seem to go away, but my other symptoms are still here.  The doctor called me last Thursday and told me there were some "irregularities" in the white matter region of my brain, of which they postulated possibly MS.  After taking the imaging to a headache neurologist specialist, he told me they were nothing to worry about and the faint white spots were most likely nothing.  Though he did say to get another MRI 6 months down the road to just double check and make sure we're all good.  

I now have another appointment with a different ENT a month down the road but my symptoms are worsening.  I have just a dull pain in my right arm and leg and they feel weak.  My right eye gets very itchy and I have blurred vision, and my ear feels a dull pain/pressure constantly.  When I eat hot foods my ear almost burns on the inside.  Also, the right side of my head is very dizzy and when I look around it's almost like it lags to try to keep up.

I am trying to rule out all of the possibilities here and hoping someone can help me, as this is impeding my every day work.  I have considered Lyme disease as I'm always fishing in areas with ticks, so I had my primary order a test for this, though they didn't pick anything up in the blood test.  I was also given steroids which have alleviated some pressure in my nose for the time being and I can actually breathe out of it, but all other symptoms persist.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Thoughts on what I should do?  It is extremely appreciated and I'm just trying to explore all avenues now.
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The neurologist is having you repeat in six months because that is how they DX MS. MS is not usually DX on one MRI is is dx with two mris and usually a lumbar puncture if the second MRI shows additional lesions
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  Hi it is the waiting to know for sure that is the worst part of having medical issues....we hurry to the Dr to be told we have to wait...sigh....very frustrating....

While u wait the 6 months to rule out MS u can rule out other conditions with similar symptoms  as there are a few....as u mentioned lymes, but u would have a target rash....lupus is another one....

  Follow up with ur GI Dr on the hiatal hernia possibility...many with a hiatal hernia can also have other conditions that may cause one to form....so another way to look at all of this.....

The best thing u can do to help how u feel is try to relax as stress can affect ne thing u may have and cause symptoms to flare....so, do try and relax, I know it is not easy....but important to try.

Keep us posted on ur progress.
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